The 5 best iPhone lenses of 2021

iPhone lenses elevate your photos to a whole new level. Let’s check out the best iPhone lenses that have been meticulously chosen from a variety of models out there. 


Some people find satisfaction with the camera lens available on their iPhones. Meanwhile, others with shooting and photographing passions expect something more. If you cannot afford a high-end camera from Sony or Canon to chase your dream, you can totally turn your own iPhone into a good-quality camera by installing an iPhone lens.

There are a vast number of suppliers that produce and sell camera lenses for your iPhone. And since this product has a little higher price than other same-sized electronic accessories, you should give it better research before making the purchase. Each model has its own pros and cons, is compatible with a specific iPhone, and packed with special features and quality. Therefore, understanding the kinds of iPhone lenses and the key criteria to consider when buying them is crucial. Keep reading because the next sections will help you. 

Our top picks 

The good news is now you know what to look for when shopping for an iPhone lens to enhance your photos. However, among many brands of iPhone lenses that are available on the market, it will be a trick to quickly and effectively choose the right one. So let’s refer to our suggestions below to see the top best phone lenses for your iPhone: 

Xenvo Pro Macro and Wide-Angle Lens Kit for iPhone, Samsung, Pixel

Xenvo Pro Macro and Wide-Angle Lens Kit for iPhone, Samsung, Pixel
Xenvo Pro Macro and Wide-Angle Lens Kit for iPhone, Samsung, Pixel

The first recommendation is the 2in1 lens from Hussel. It is the combination of macro and wide-angle lenses, allowing you to open your vision in a single picture. The package comes with all the necessary items and the manual to help you easily install. 

The good thing is you don’t need to carefully check your phone or other device’s model because it is a versatile lens that is compatible with almost all kinds of current smartphones on the market. You can attach to all models of iPhones, Samsung Galaxy or Note, Google Pixel, Huawei, and so many more. Isn’t it great to buy one package and get two lenses with two different purposes?

Moment Wide Lens – 18mm Attachment Lens for iPhone Pixel Galaxy OnePlus Phones

Moment Wide Lens - 18mm Attachment Lens for iPhone Pixel Galaxy OnePlus Phones
Moment Wide Lens – 18mm Attachment Lens for iPhone Pixel Galaxy OnePlus Phones

If you have a comfortable budget for an iPhone lens, then stick with this one. The Moment Wide Lens is for those who prefer to take pictures of beautiful landscapes, groups of people, or something far away from you without any need to step back like using normal iPhone cameras, but don’t like the distorted edges that the fisheye lenses offer. 

This product works with both iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as iPad, tablet, and laptop webcams. Therefore, you can share it with your friends or family members, who use different kinds of devices. This brand also offers the namesake app so that you can get an advanced camera control through the app. 

CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens for iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, One Plus, Huawei

CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens for iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, One Plus, Huawei
CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens for iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, One Plus, Huawei

At a reasonable price, you can get a 4in1 lens kit in a small package from CoPedvic. Now keeping any wonderful moments to your iPhone will be much easier with the help of the CoPedvic phone lens, and they will all look far better from the old photos taken by just your iPhone camera. 

This Add-On lens is compatible with diverse kinds of smartphones, such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Pixel, and many more. You will get a 22X telephoto camera lens with Fixed Focal Length, 205° fisheye lens, 25X macro lens, 4K HD 0.67X super wide-angle lens at the same time, which enhance your next photos to a new level following what kind of photography you like. 

KEYWING iPhone Camera Lens 3 in 1

KEYWING iPhone Camera Lens 3 in 1
KEYWING iPhone Camera Lens 3 in 1

Another option from KEYWING is what you need for a good phone lens but at a low price. The package includes three lenses of wide-angle, macro, and fisheye, making the next photo shooting versatile and excellent. 

The lens is made with high-quality material, the grade aluminum shell will protect the glass on the daily basis. This will lengthen the lifetime of your product, keeping it stay with you for a long time. They also offer another variant of two lenses. Since the package also includes a manual, you will have any trouble while installing the kit. 

Apexel High Power 36x HD Telephoto Lens with Tripod

Apexel High Power 36x HD Telephoto Lens with Tripod
Apexel High Power 36x HD Telephoto Lens with Tripod

This is the one for those who prefer taking photos from a long distance. It’s like a camera version of a telescope, with an 8000M-far-away approach. This Apexel lens works with almost all models of smart devices available on the market. 

The package also contains a tripod so that you can place it somewhere on a flat surface and let the phone do its job. This product is easy to attach, detach, and store, so it’s great to bring it with you on the next trip. If you are just an enthusiast, this one is highly recommended due to its sufficient and good functions, and of course, an affordable price. Experience and you will see your photography is much improved over time. 

What kinds of iPhone lenses are on the market?

Due to the diverse purposes of iPhone users, iPhone lenses come in different kinds that will meet someone’s demand. Currently, there are four major types of iPhone camera lenses as below:


If your lens has a wide-angle design, you can reach more in a frame without stepping so far back. As the name of the lens implies, it would be perfect to capture landscapes. With the help of wide-angle phone lenses, you don’t need to step far back like before just to take a picture of a breathtaking place that you want to keep as memories. 

Moreover, it is recommended to stand a little closer when using wide-angle iPhone lenses to take photos, and you will have a better perspective effect. Otherwise, the picture looks pretty tedious.

Telephoto zoom

This type of phone lens resembles the giant one that you usually catch on the street in front of a professional photographer, but with a tiny size. The same effect in this small item gives users a perfect experience. It brings objects closer to you so that it appears bigger and clearer in the resulting photo.

Besides being frequently used to capture insects or something from nature, telephoto lenses can be helpful to take portrait photos because they make features on human faces look more natural. You can adjust the magnification number depending on how big you want the object to appear in the picture. 


If a wide-angle lens approaches a wide view, then a fisheye counterpart is more than that. It achieves an ultra-wide vision that covers up to 180 degrees. With the fisheye iPhone camera lens, you can create a beautiful distorted panoramic landscape photo, which is almost impossible with a normally fixed lens of an iPhone. 


Macro lenses are meant to take photos of close-up objects. To do macro photography, the lens needs to be placed extremely close to subjects, and through the macro lens, they will look much greater than their actual sizes in real life.

Thanks to this feature, macro lenses are usually used to capture small objects, such as living organisms like insects, flowers, plants, or a part of a product to give customers a detailed look at something. 

What to consider when buying a phone lens for iPhone?

As already mentioned, phone lenses for iPhones are expensive, therefore the selection should never be underestimated. If you choose the wrong type of lens that doesn’t work with your phone neither fit your needs, you have just thrown a large amount of money through the window. So here are some key factors that you should look at once you think about buying an Add-On iPhone lens:

Types of iPhone lenses

The reason for the existence of the four aforementioned types of iPhone lenses is from the actual demand of users. Therefore, you should understand what you need to pick the right type of lens.   

For example, you should opt for the wide-angle iPhone lens to capture breath-taking landscapes, but if you prefer shooting portraits, events, or something that stays a long distance from you, the telephoto lens will be a better choice.                                  


This is also a crucial factor that you need to consider before buying the most suitable iPhone lens for your smartphone. This item can be packed with many fantastic features and sold at a good price, however, if you find it too difficult to use, then this option turns out to be not as good as you thought. 

A lot of customers say that their iPhone lenses don’t stay firmly on the phone so that there is a gap between them and the iPhone cameras so that they have to use their hands to hold them while taking photos. Even that, this still results in low-quality images, which will definitely disappoint you. Therefore, remember to give it a try or if you buy online, read carefully the real feedback from users to avoid encountering the same situation.  

Phone compatibility

You might wonder if an iPhone lens will only work with your current iPhone? What will happen if you update your phone to a higher-level model in the next two months? This is why you should look for a phone lens that can fit more than just one model of smartphone.

You will feel thankful for knowing this before making the purchase because it will be frustrating when figuring out the brand new phone lens doesn’t work with your iPhone. Otherwise, you have to donate the current lens and buy a new one that is compatible with the new iPhone that you have just brought home from the store. So let’s be a wise consumer. 

Your budget

Normally, like other high-tech devices, the more money you pay for, the higher quality the product is. It’s true with the phone lens for iPhones. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot buy a good Add-On camera lens on a limited budget. 

What you should do is look for sellers that offer a reasonable price of the same model and balance your budget. Anyway, it would be ideal to stick with the upper end of your financial resource. 

FAQs about iPhone lenses 

Do iPhone lenses scratch easily?

No, iPhone lenses are produced to bear scratches. The lens cover is made of sapphire glass, which is super strong and scratch-proof. However, it doesn’t mean that iPhone lenses cannot smash. The material used to make these lenses is likely scratch-resistant but it is not similar to temper glass, which can bear heavy impact. 
Therefore, in general, iPhone lenses are durable and safe enough to be used on a daily basis without worry about scratching them. On the other hand, you should avoid falling the lens or letting something heavy contact it directly to protect it from breaking or cracking. 

Is the telephoto iPhone lens worth it?

Yes, of course, telephoto lenses for iPhones are worth the money. It offers a long reach to any object that is far away from you. Moreover, it will easily display objects with great accuracy. As a result, the images will be high-quality and look much more lively and sharp.  
If you are a non-professional photographer who likes to capture every-day-moments, it would be ideal to buy some telephoto iPhone lenses and turn your iPhone into a great camera. 

Why are iPhone lenses expensive?

iPhone lenses are small, but they are considered an expensive phone accessory compared to their other counterparts. Therefore, not everyone can afford this item, and they only use the camera lens of their iPhones instead. 
The reason why attachable iPhone lenses are pricey is due to the high production costs. Manufacturers that aim to produce high-end iPhone lenses set excellent standards with many advanced features and designs. These are usually packed with the latest technologies and even require human involvement besides automatic production chains. 
So in general, the more modern, high-quality, and unique the lenses are, the higher price they have. 


With the improvement and development of iPhones, there are a variety of iPhone lenses that help enhance smartphone photos. Now you don’t need a modern camera that costs you an arm and a leg to achieve a fantastic photo with high quality. 

However, with the diverse brands and models for iPhone lenses, it is necessary to learn about your phone and the lens itself to make sure they satisfy and meet your requirement. Keep in mind these top picks for the best iPhone lenses: Xenvo Pro Macro and Wide-Angle Lens Kit for iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, Moment Wide Lens – 18mm Attachment Lens for iPhone Pixel Galaxy OnePlus Phones, CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens for iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, One Plus, Huawei, KEYWING iPhone Camera Lens 3 in 1, and Apexel High Power 36x HD Telephoto Lens with Tripod

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