The 5 best wireless gaming keyboard in 2021

Do you want to get rid of the cable clutter around your desk while playing games? The following best wireless gaming keyboards will help.  


With the development of technology, wireless keyboards for gaming are becoming more popular. It does not only help you say goodbye to the messy cords on your table but a wireless keyboard can even bring more aesthetic features with a variety of designs.

However, when buying wireless gaming keyboards, there are plenty of things to research and consider, such as their types and buying guides to pick the best one. Additionally, you will also find the top wireless gaming keyboards on the market to help you quickly choose one of the best units for your computer. Now let’s check it out!

Our top picks 

Now let’s take a look at the top wireless gaming keyboards that we have chosen from the best ones on Amazon:

Redragon Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Redragon Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Redragon Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Let’s start this list with the ultimate wireless gaming keyboard from Redragon with a very reasonable price for a mechanical keyboard. It has a compact design with a cherry red switch, which results in responsive and quiet keys at the same time. 

This unit is packed with 18 backlighting modes plus one programmable mode created by users, with nine different colors and six levels of brightness, making playing games in the night look more fantastic than ever. The product’s batteries can stay up to almost three days with the LED lights off, and 30 hours with LED on. It can be totally transformed into a wired keyboard with a USB cable. 

Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This Logitech wireless gaming keyboard is considered the best overall. Logitech has long been known as a famous brand for computer accessories, and this wireless keyboard is not exceptional. This mechanical keyboard delivers high-speed feedback, which is ideal for playing games.

The batteries’ lifespan is up to 18 months, allowing you to use it for a long time without worrying about low power and latency keyboard that may affect your performance while playing games. The Bluetooth connection is compatible with both Windows and macOS. 

One of the reasons that a lot of gamers love this Logitech wireless keyboard is six G programmable keys which simplify complex action through Logitech Gaming Software. To result in the best performance, it is recommended to connect this item with the wireless Logitech mouse and headset. 

CORSAIR K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard
CORSAIR K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard

This is a renewed version of the wireless keyboard from Corsair, one of the leading gaming PC components company. Although the product has been owned, it looks and works like new, but is sold at a very reasonable price. 

The K57 RGB wireless gaming keyboard from Corsair is equipped with an LED backlighting system that is energy-saving and brighter than regular LED lights. There is also a soft rubber palm rest that can be detachable, giving users the most comfortable experience. It can connect via Bluetooth, USB dongle, both, or a USB wire to work as a wired keyboard. 

The membrane keyboard allows you to work in silence, but still quickly responds with new technology. This is a good deal to buy such a good product at this price.

Keychron K6 68-Key Wireless Bluetooth/USB Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Keychron K6 68-Key Wireless Bluetooth/USB Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
Keychron K6 68-Key Wireless Bluetooth/USB Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Another model to consider is the mechanical wireless keyboard from Keychron. It has 68 keys with red switches, resulting in more silent but quick responsiveness compared to the blue switch one. It has a very compact and comfortable design so that you can sit on your chair and play games all day long with this unit. 

The keyboard comes with 15 different backlighting modes to make it look more appealing while using. You can choose between connecting this keyboard via Bluetooth, a USB dongle, or a USB wire to turn it into a wired keyboard when you expect something more stable. The only minus is this keyboard seems to suit light games rather than some hardcore. 

Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo
Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

When it comes to gaming PC components, Razer is one of the most outstanding name brands. So you are allowed to expect the most from this Razer Turret wireless keyboard from them at such a high price compared to others, but it’s totally worth the money. 

The package actually comes with the same-brand mouse to give you the best experience while playing your favorite games. This mechanical gaming keyboard has a compact design with a dock base packed with a built-in ergonomic wrist rest, and a retractable magnetic mouse dock that you can push back when you don’t use. The magnetic material helps keep your mouse from falling off the base. Such a convenience!

The built-in lithium-polymer batteries allow you to recharge the keyboard, and a single charge will keep the keyboard for more than two days at work. Remember to check the battery before starting your professional game to get rid of any low latency. 

What types of wireless gaming keyboards?

When it comes to wireless gaming keyboards, there are plenty of types according to different criteria. For example, via connective type, there are Bluetooth, USB dongle-connection, or the combination of both. In this part, we will delve into two main keyboard types, which are the membrane and mechanical ones. 


The membrane wireless keyboard is a popular kind of wireless keyboard whose keys are not separate. They are more like pressure pads on a flat surface. Membrane keyboards usually don’t have any tactile feedback, which might be a favorite thing or not to some people. In comparison, the keys of the membrane keyboard feel like the buttons on your remote control. 

This kind of keyboard is often slimmer and very quiet when typing, making it ideal for people who work in a sharing-workplace. 


As opposed to membrane keyboards, mechanical counterparts are likely to be more common in the past. However, they are still preferred by many people, especially gamers. The reason is mechanical wireless keyboards offer users a lot of tactile feedback, plus the keys are separate and removable. This allows gamers to clean and customize their keyboards based on personal preferences. 

Although mechanical keyboards make a louder sound, they have a longer lifespan than the membrane types. Due to these advantages, mechanical wireless keyboards are usually sold at a higher price. 

What to consider when buying a wireless gaming keyboard?

Buying a wireless gaming keyboard can be challenging, but it turns out to be very straightforward if you really know what you need. Below are the key factors that you should take a look at before deciding which model of the wireless keyboard for gaming you will stick with in the upcoming stage. 


As mentioned earlier, there are numerous types of wireless keyboards. For example, you can choose between the membrane and mechanical wireless keyboards, Bluetooth-connected and USB dongle, or both, and so on. Depending on your preference of typing and using, it would be fine to opt for either one of them. 

But in general, we would recommend a mechanical wireless keyboard if you are a gamer because they are much more versatile. You can remove individual keys to clean and customize. They are likely to have a longer lifespan, but as well as cost you more. 


Wireless gaming keyboards come in a variety of sizes and designs. Regarding this factor, it is more about your preference on the appearance of the product and how comfortable you are when using it. They can be flat keyboards, wrist wrests, slanted keyboards, or the all-out ugly but super ergonomic. Some designs might look ridiculous, but they actually work better than their appearances. There are even several specific ideas for left-hand people.

So before making the purchase, you should determine if you are just an enthusiast or want to become a professional gamer to buy the best keyboard that supports your hands and wrists in most of the time you spend on your computer. 

Power sources

A wireless keyboard needs a battery to run. Therefore, the batteries’ lifespan is also what most gamers care about. This is because the problem that none of the players wants to encounter is the latency and low power of battery-powered keyboards compared to the wired counterparts. There are wireless keyboards that are equipped with built-in lithium-ion batteries that allow you to recharge again and again, while others use AA or AAA batteries. 

It will be very frustrating if you are performing amazingly on a game and your keyboards are out of power because you forgot to give the battery a test beforehand. So keep in mind to stick with a brand or model with high-quality and long lifespan batteries when buying a wireless gaming keyboard. 

Extra features

This is crucial when looking for the best wireless keyboard for gaming. The reason is most gaming keyboards are packed with many special features that you might not find in the standard counterparts. Normally, you should buy the one with LED backlighting. It will not only make your keyboard outstanding and appealing but also help players easily see the keys at night because most gamers stay up late or work at night. 

Additionally, you can also look for a wireless gaming keyboard that can be foldable and rollable. This feature allows you to bring your favorite keyboard anywhere you go, for instance, take it to your friend’s house and have a fun and competitive game together. 

Your budget

Even if you have chosen yourself the best wireless keyboard with all the modern functions to play games, your budget is what will decide if you can afford it or not. So when you have on hand numerous wireless gaming keyboard models that fit your needs, it’s time to look at their prices and choose the most suitable one with your limited budget.

In general, wireless gaming keyboards are pretty high in price. The more modern and high-tech the product is, the more you have to pay. 

FAQs about wireless gaming keyboards

Are wireless keyboards fast enough for gaming?

It depends. The debate between wireless keyboards and their wired counterparts has never been stopped. These two gaming keyboards have their own pros and cons, and to some extent, wireless keyboards are not as ideal for gaming as wired keyboards. 
Especially, when using the old models of wireless keyboards, you usually encounter latency and low battery status, which disturb your performance while playing games. On the other hand, a wired gaming keyboard is more stable because it never loses power, only when the electricity is cut down. However, in the modern era of wireless gaming keyboards, the chances you meet those situations are lowered. 

How long should a wireless keyboard last?

The battery life of a wireless keyboard can vary between different brands and models. The old wireless keyboard models from a few years ago usually have a shorter battery lifespan, like 20 to 30 hours of continuous use. 
However, you can expect it to last much longer with the new versions. The battery from wireless gaming keyboards today can seriously stay tuned from months to up to three years. If you opt for the wireless gaming keyboard which is packed with lithium-ion built-in batteries, you can recharge it and use it for a longer time. 

Do you need a mouse with a wireless keyboard?

It depends on what kind of wireless keyboard you are using. For example, some wireless keyboards have their own touchpads, allowing you to completely control the computer or laptop without the need for another wired or wireless mouse. 
On the other hand, if your wireless keyboard doesn’t have a touchpad, you will still need a mouse. It would be best to stick with the mouse from the same combo with your wireless keyboard to have the best experience. 

What is the disadvantage of using wireless keyboards?

Wireless keyboards in general, and wireless gaming keyboards, in particular, are becoming so popular recently due to their convenience. However, there are also several disadvantages of using wireless keyboards, especially for gaming.
The first one is that a wireless keyboard often comes with latency, which is not good for competitive gamers. This is mainly because of the status of its batteries. Therefore, if you are planning on buying a wireless gaming keyboard, one of the key factors you need to consider is battery life. Plus, before any important games, just be sure to check the battery status to get rid of any lagged situation.  
The second thing is wireless keyboards are likely to cost you more than the conventional wired counterparts. So it can be only bought by those who can afford it, not the majority of users. 

Can a wireless keyboard be hacked?

Yes, a wireless keyboard is probably hackable, especially if you buy from an unreliable company. Since it uses wifi and Bluetooth technology to deliver data, it is possible for a hacker to spy on your wireless keyboard. They can steal users’ passwords, credit card numbers, or any secret information typed on that Bluetooth-connected keyboard. 

Bottom line

There is an abundance of brands offering wireless keyboards for gaming, so it is hard to choose the best one. We hope this article has helped you gain more knowledge about the different types of wireless gaming keyboards available on the market and the key factors that you should look for when buying this product. Once again, let’s look over the list of best wireless gaming keyboards that have been mentioned above:

Best overall: Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Best feature: Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Best budget: Redragon Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Also consider: CORSAIR K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard, and Keychron K6 68-Key Wireless Bluetooth/USB Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard.

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